stories are the key to our humanity

Starting a revolution…

How much longer, as a parent, are you going to let technology get in the way of you and your child and control how your child thinks? Control what your child imagines?

When will we use technology to the benefit of the parent child relationship and bring technology to the room in a way that parent and child can co-create together.

Telling stories that engage creativity…

By taking the latest advancements in lighting and audio technology, we provide you, not only with the a story but with an Immersive Environment of visuals and acoustics that envelope you within the world of the story.

Implementing a specifically designed visual and acoustic experience  engage with your children  creatively and  emotionally as they explore their imagination through stories.

As you read to your child, these designs will envelope you within a world bursting with creative imaginative potential.


Delivering Revolution with AVA...
Dare to Imagine…

AVA is the device through which we stream our stories. Stories that by purpose leaves out the details and replaces them with the immersive effects of lighting and sound to engage one's feelings and emotions through personal imagination.

As you listen to each story your individual imagination comes into play. While a parent may imagine that the hero of the story is running away from a ferocious fire breathing dragon, your child may imagine that the hero is running away from a massive lava monster! And we think that’s AWESOME!

We want to encourage individual creativity, not force you or your child into one mindset of thinking. We believe that creativity is the most powerful tool an individual can possess and we want to provide you with the tool you need to get you and your child's creative muscles flexing.

How do we do it...

When participating in a story what you experience is not a randomized assortment of lights and sounds but a highly engineered artistic presentation designed to evoke the participants emotions. The script, lighting, and sound work together to bridge the gap between your child’s imagination and their natural emotions, accessing a deeper part of the brain and creating a more engaging experience. Our stories are specifically designed to allow individual freedom of creativity.

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Our Team is Awesome….

Our Creative Team has over 30 years of combined storytelling and theatrical design experience!


Taylor has participated in the Navy’s highest level Think Tanks. His innovative thinking has lead to being the recipient of 28 Navy Awards for Project Lead Duties


Creative Manager

Cat has managed projects such as the Independent Shakespeare Company’s Free Shakespeare in the Park Festival to Co Producing the world premier of a Play.


Visual Director

Luna Lux LLC
Phillip has designed over 250 special events and productions while also running his own design firm, system installation, and labor brokerage company, Luna Lux.


Austin has been nominated for two Ovation Awards in Sound Design. One of the highest LA Theatre awards. He also runs his own audio design firm and audio restoration company, Circular Rhythm Productions.


Dan is a modern Renaissance man! He combines his creative design expertise with a strong knowledge of engineering to bring together all the wonderful technology that makes AVA possible!


Director of Applied Immersion Learning

Dupont Montessori
Effective Parenting Solutions
Over the past twenty five years, Stephanie has worked with more than two thousand children in the area of applied neurodevelopmental instructional systems design with an area of specificity in closing complex achievement gaps.